Choose a plan based on your trading expertise & needs.


For new traders who want to give us a try.





Get Basic
  • Guidance

    ✔ Educational resources in Stocks, Options, Forex, & Crypto!

  • Alerts

    ✔ Trade alerts in Discord & on the ST Platform right to your phone

  • Community

    ✔ Access to SwipeTrader private Discord

    ✔ One-on-one access to ST team & analysts

  • ST Platform

    ✔ Access to ST Platform

    ✔ Watch alerts, track analysts' positions, and more!


For traders who want to go to the next level.

*Access to all of SwipeBasic plus below





  • Analyst/Alert Filtering

    ✔ Analyst performance tracking

    ✔ Filter new alerts by analysts

    ✔ Subscribe to top-performing analysts

  • Customized Notifications

    ✔ Get alerts via text, push notifs, Discord, or email!

    ✔ Access to alert/position tracking

  • Artificial Intelligence

    ✔ Access to AI market data, alerts, and more

    ✔ AI frequently tuned by ST engineers

    ✔ AI aggregator from external sources

  • Blue Community

    ✔ Access to exclusive Blue chat on the ST Platform

    ✔ Interact with other Blue members

    ✔ Share your positions with the chat

  • Option Flow (coming soon)

    ✔ Access to enhanced Option Flow data

    ✔ Flow algorithms tuned by ST engineers for better insights

Frequently asked questions

If you don't know which plan to choose, we recommend you go with SwipeBlue. You get everything in SwipeBasic + more.

You will be charged either weekly, monthly, or yearly based on the period you choose above. You will be charged from the date you begin your subscription and onwards based on the period you chose. Your exact payment dates & amount can be found in the user dashboard once you join.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime from your user dashboard.

Although we can't guarantee future results. The SwipeTrader platform & community is helping our members gain trading knowledge to aid them in battling the markets. Learn more in our disclaimer.

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