SwipeTrader is the ultimate trading community for traders of all levels. We have built an extensive team ready to help you succeed. We leverage our expertise in technology to bring you better quality alerts in different places at high speeds.

What We Do

We leverage technology and experienced market analysts to help you along your trading experience. Think of us as your right hand man or your genie.

Our Commitment

We're doing things differently. Trading has been complex and exhausting for too long, we are committed to change that and make trading worthwhile to everyone.

You are important, your family is important and your financial freedom is our priority. With combined industry experience exceeding 10 years, we're constantly creating and reinventing our technology and investment strategies to help you meet your financial goals.


The way we make money is simple, through our subscriptions. We don't sell your info to others and we don't make any secret commission from your trades. We may acquire revenue from affiliate links but we do disclose that information to you. See your Privacy Policy to learn more.


From the heart of West Palm Beach, FL, founded by likeminded tech entrepeuners and investors with a passion for trading, we are aiming to be the next big thing in this industry. Our fun & vibrant work environment makes expanding a breeze. Everyone on the team knows our mission and knows their part in helping us get there.

No, we're not looking to make a quick profit. We're here to help you be successful in your trading experience. That's our mission.

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