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How we do it?

Our AI gathers alerts from hundreds of sources, filters out the HQ ones, and delivers it to you.

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    We currently get alerts from over 100 analysts across 30 different sources.

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    Our AI tracks the performance of every analyst and provides them a rigorous performance score.

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    We filter the best analysts based on their past performances.

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    We deliver these alerts to you on our platform, via text, via text-notification, and on Discord.

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Strong Community

We have a community of daytraders like you and in-house analysts providing you with high quality trade alerts on their positions.

Enjoy discussing trades in our Discord chat with a variety of dedicated traders of all levels.

Artificial Intelligence

Using millions of different data points, our in-house AI provides real-time market data, reports, and data-driven alerts for options, stocks, and forex positions.

Additionally, all alerts and positions from our in-house analysts, AI, and external sources are tracked for strategy and performance and used to filter high quality alerts in the future.

Options Training

Learn the power of options trading through our simple yet extensive training in a judgement-free, friendly community environment.

Live Trading

Join our analysts in daily live trading groups where you can watch them take their positions live. Interact with other SwipeTrader members and get to earning!

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